Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Rest of the Trip

We appear to have lost momentum on Blog posts about day 13 or 14.
The next couple days were lots and lots and lots of driving.  The only highlight was stopping in Texas to take a friend of ours out to lunch.  We also figured that if we drove a really, really long time for 2 days we could get to San Diego a day early.  Thursday we left from Texas at 6:30am Central Time and arrived in San Diego 10:30pm Pacific Time.  Yes, you did the math right.  That's 18 hours.

Friday was for visiting and hanging out with the Phoenix gang.
Then the party prep.
For the Wedding Celebration - San Diego Version.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unlike Gilligan..

Unlike Gilligan...we have returned from the 2 hour tour...(Mammoth Caves). I think we have finally run out of national park caves to tour.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Great. We got to Millersburg and mom admits that she doesnt know what town Lehmans Hardware is in.

We did eventually find the store.  And a couple of quilt shops.  Drove from there to Cincinatti, where we met up with two of my high school friends, Molly and Candice.  Spent the night at Molly's  

First omish buggy sighting.

First omish buggy sighting. Goin down no passing area on the road. Omish buggy traffic hold up ahahaha that was a picture perfect moment -Keeley

Bite Count

FRIDAY: 5 mosquito bites SATURDAY: 12 mosquito bites SUNDAY: 24 mosquito bites. Used bug spray and wore pants. WTF??!?! -Keeley

A dozen live vultures sitting

A dozen live vultures sitting on a fence. Weird.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Ate supper at a winery...sleeping at a dairy.
We spent 3 days at Nancy & Clancy's place.  We were too busy visiting to remember to take any pictures on Friday.  Saturday, my high school friend Carol drove from DC (400 miles) to visit.   She showed up just in time for the Barn Dance.

OK, technically, it was a Shop Dance.

The next day was the Family Reunion.  Here's Papa's generation (and spouses behind).

And my generation.  Of the 32 surviving first cousins, 26 of us were there.

We didn't get any pics of the next generation...they were too busy swimming and having fun.

We also had a picnic with 2 cousins from G'ma's side of the family and their kids.

And spent some time with the New Hampshire clan.